See the different types of ceremonies I perform...

Naming ceremonies are a non- religious way to formally welcome a child to the world and introducing them to the family and friends and people who will matter in their life. If there are older siblings, the ceremony can offer them the opportunity of getting involved.

Naming Ceremonies

Renewal of Marriage Vows

Couples will often renew their vows on a significant anniversary or something important or significant has happened which they want to celebrate. It is a time to rejoice the passing of time together and give families and friends the opportunity to come together for the special occasion. Although these ceremonies can be quite similar to a wedding ceremony, there are no legal components or legal certificates to sign but I do issue and present a certificate for the occasion.

Commitment Ceremonies

These are a public declaration of love and commitment between a couple. It may be between a couple who do not want to have a legal ceremony, or same-sex couples or those legally unable to marry.

Elopement Ceremonies

Some couples might prefer a more intimate and private wedding ceremony for a number of reasons. Your wedding can be intimate and personal and about the two of you. Choose a beautiful location for the ceremony that you both like. I will help you put together a meaningful legal ceremony. Invite 2 witnesses over the age of 18 or I can arrange this for you (this is a legal requirement).Let me help you plan your beautiful elopement!